Weird and Wonderful Town Names in the U.S.

America is a big country so most definitely it has so many little nooks and crannies that may or may not even show up on a map. But hidden away in corners of the country are United States cities that have odd names which must be surely a challenge for the residents to explain where they live.

Here are some weird town names with the names of the states supplied in parentheses.

For example, if you are feeling particularly Carefree (AZ) today, follow the yellow brick road to Magic City (ID) where anything can happen. Or, if you wish to spend time in Happyland (CT) or Smileyberg (KS), you are sure to meet Lovely (KY) and Friendly (WV) people who ask you What Cheer (IA).

Most Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrities live in and love the attention. But then fame probably goes to their heads and makes them do strange things like choosing really weird and ridiculous names for their babies. What’s worse is that some of these bad cases of celebrity baby names are from repeat offenders. Maybe because any publicity is good publicity, ain’t that right?

Here’s a list of the worst celebrity baby names we’ve seen.

North West

Kim K and Kanye West’s bundle of joy is called North West. Makes you feel like you are orienteering on a course and you’re headed north. If you were wondering why they chose this strange name, Kim clarifies at an NPR interview, “I don’t like South West, though, because that’s like — you know, North will always, you know, be better… I don’t think we’ll go with another direction.” What?

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