Top Silly Names for Girls

When choosing girl names for your little one, you must keep in mind that she is going to be known by this name to all whom she meets. Some parents have obviously missed the memo given the silly names they have chosen for their darling daughters.

These names have been compiled from real Social Security data so you can imagine the plight of those poor things who have been given these “Epic” names. Did these parents want their children to write an epic or be epic?

Anyhow, here’s a list of the top worst girl names people have chosen for their children.


Among other names that center around automobiles, naming your little one after a car just seems silly. While other parents have also chosen car names like Audi or Chevy, one wonders whether car companies are offering them a deal if they name their children after the company.

Top 3 Silly Names for Boys

Selecting a name for your little boy is the one of the most important first steps into parenting. Your child’s identity will depend on his name and decide whether people have a good first impression or simply turn about.

While reviewing the Social Security data, government employees often come across ridiculously silly names for boys that are best avoided if you care for your child. Sometimes, it is really hard to understand or to believe that someone would choose these boy names for their precious bundles of joy.

Here is a list of the worst boy names that anyone could choose for their child – and remember, these are real names recorded in the Social Security data.


Of course, we appreciate the fact that you’d aspire for your child to become the next big thing right alongside Shakespeare but please Poet is not a boy name, it is a profession. Imagine what would happen if your child couldn’t rhyme his ‘bees’ from his ‘knees’.

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