5 U.S. Cities That Renamed Themselves Something Unusual

We don’t know if this is what gives the town mayor the jollies or that cities just get bored of a sane-sounding name but many a time cities and towns do rename themselves to something strange. Here is a list of some cities who underwent a renaming to transform into a quirky avatar just to get more attention.

  1. Truth or Consequences

Located in New Mexico, this quaint little town was once known as Hot Springs, New Mexico. The reason the town legally went through a renaming because the classic game show Truth or Consequences claimed it would choose its broadcasting location based on the first town that names itself after the show.

  1. Google

Among towns with strange names is Google in Kansas. Formerly known as Topeka, the town was enticed by the

Baby Names Inspired by Places

These days, place names are the biggest trend in baby name inspiration. Parents often consider names of cities, states, countries and vacation spots as baby names if they associate the place with happy memories.

Here’s a look at some popular names that are being chosen as baby names by many parents.


While you might consider this name for people with a bit of nostalgia for their ancestral continent, this might come as striking news. This name has existed in Europe since the Medieval Era as a Celtic queen from Scotland was known as Affrica. In Spanish-speaking regions, Affrica is used to denote ‘pleasant’. This is one of the baby girl names that has been around since 1421.


A unisex name that originated from the Native American people living in the northern Mississippi valley. This name was very popular in the nineties as a western place-name for a child. The actress Dakota Fanning is most well-known as a feminine example of this name.


One of the first place names that spelt exotic and stylish in England. Gone with the Wind featured a character called India and the royal ex-model India Hicks is one of the most famous people to have this name. It was one of the most dominant baby name inspired by a place in the US in 2013.


The capital of the United Kingdom definitely is one of the cities that is being used to name both girls and boys. In fact, it has beaten Paris in popularity as one of the most favored names.


Home of the ancient Greek gods, Mount Olympus, along with the Olympic Games inspires this sporty, goddess-y name. A worthy opponent to the well-worn Olivia. Former Maine Republican Senator Olympia Snowe and actress Olympia Dukakis are modern bearers of this noble name.

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Cities That Underwent a Name Change

In the past decade, many cities in India were renamed. Why? This is because India was ruled by the British for 200 years and they had anglicized most of the cities’ names. India renamed her cities back to the original names to honor the country’s heritage.

Here are some cities from all over the world that have been renamed for various reasons.

Bombay is now Mumbai

The capital city of Maharashtra was known as Manbai during the Middle Ages. The origins of the name Bombay is still in dispute. Some claim that the English corrupted the name Mumbai, which is derived from the goddess Mumbadevi who is associated with the city.

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