Best Character Names in Movie History

Here is a listing of some of the best character names in movie history that have helped give the character a unique flavor and added depth to it.

John Matrix

(Played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando, 1985)

Another ‘John’ to join the proud line of action heroes (‘John Rambo’, ‘John McClane’, ‘John Truckasaurus’). Though clearly inspired by Stallone’s character in Rambo, Arnie’s character is much more forceful that has done way better than the character that was inspired by the one from First Blood.

C.C. Baxter

(Played by Jack Lemmon in The Apartment, 1960)

Baby Names Inspired by Shakespeare

If you love going to the theater or you can recite a Shakespearean sonnet by heart, consider baby names that are inspired by Shakespearean characters. There are a host of characters in 35 of his plays to give you ample choice between Shakespeare baby names for girls and boys.

In fact, baby girl names and baby boy names inspired by the great playwright are also likely to be unique historical names that are scarcely used. If you are a history buff, Shakespeare names can be a great place to start. Nevertheless, a name inspired from his famous plays are sure to bring back happy memories of a thrilling theatre experience.

Shakespearean names for twins

While there are ample choice for both girls’ and boys’ names from Shakespeare’s plays, if you have twins of different genders you could very well name them after a couple. Think Romeo and Juliet, Titania and Oberon or Beatrice and Benedick. Sure, people could confuse them for a couple, but these are definitely bond-pair names that have value.

Baby Names Inspired by Literary Characters

Baby names that are inspired by famous fictional characters are sure to entice parents who love to read or are movie buffs. Naming your precious little one after beloved literary characters will always bring back good memories of hours spent poring over the latest edition of your favorite comic book or watching the latest movie in the series.

Here are some baby boy names and baby girl names that are sure to be classics that will age well too.

Literary names for boys

Atticus – While it has a distinct Roman vibe, this trendy boy’s name is inspired by the highly honorable Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Cullen – Lovers of the Twilight series have definitely scored this name high. Though originally an Irish surname, it has gained popularity in the recent years as a first name due to the book series.

The Numerology of Names

What is numerology?

In short, it is the study of numbers that has its roots in several ancient cultures like Vedic Hinduism, Hebrew mysticism, Chaldean (ancient Mesopotamia) and Pythagorean theories of Greece. According to its practitioners, there exists a relationship between numbers and everything in the Universe, and that the numeric value of a person’s name can shape their life.

Numerology states that every number has specific traits related to it. Parents can mold their child’s life and future by simply choosing the right baby names. The following are the numeric values of every letter in the alphabet:

The Name Stereotype:  What Your Name Says About You

Even if you didn’t know who Usain Bolt was, the mere mention of the name sounds like he is someone who is speedy like a bolt of lightning. Yes, names do have an influence on the perception of our personality by others. This is due to the fact that name stereotypes cause people to bring up mental associations for certain names.

Let us look at a few common first name stereotypes.

Gender stereotyping

Among stereotypes of common names we must consider the role that gender has to play. Studies show that girls with very feminine names steer clear of “masculine” subjects like physics or math after attaining age 16. Because these

How to Choose a Name for Your Baby

Choosing a baby name can be overwhelming for new parents but it is also the most fun. You are sure to receive lots of different options from your parents, relatives and friends. While there are no rules to naming your baby, here are a few tips to ensure that you choose a name that you and your baby will love.


Say the name out loud a couple of times. Call out to your child using the name. Get a feel of what the name sounds like. Is the name pleasant to the ears? Does it complement your last name? What are the nicknames that go with this name?

Baby Names Inspired by Places

These days, place names are the biggest trend in baby name inspiration. Parents often consider names of cities, states, countries and vacation spots as baby names if they associate the place with happy memories.

Here’s a look at some popular names that are being chosen as baby names by many parents.


While you might consider this name for people with a bit of nostalgia for their ancestral continent, this might come as striking news. This name has existed in Europe since the Medieval Era as a Celtic queen from Scotland was known as Affrica. In Spanish-speaking regions, Affrica is used to denote ‘pleasant’. This is one of the baby girl names that has been around since 1421.


A unisex name that originated from the Native American people living in the northern Mississippi valley. This name was very popular in the nineties as a western place-name for a child. The actress Dakota Fanning is most well-known as a feminine example of this name.


One of the first place names that spelt exotic and stylish in England. Gone with the Wind featured a character called India and the royal ex-model India Hicks is one of the most famous people to have this name. It was one of the most dominant baby name inspired by a place in the US in 2013.


The capital of the United Kingdom definitely is one of the cities that is being used to name both girls and boys. In fact, it has beaten Paris in popularity as one of the most favored names.


Home of the ancient Greek gods, Mount Olympus, along with the Olympic Games inspires this sporty, goddess-y name. A worthy opponent to the well-worn Olivia. Former Maine Republican Senator Olympia Snowe and actress Olympia Dukakis are modern bearers of this noble name.

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Weird and Wonderful Town Names in the U.S.

America is a big country so most definitely it has so many little nooks and crannies that may or may not even show up on a map. But hidden away in corners of the country are United States cities that have odd names which must be surely a challenge for the residents to explain where they live.

Here are some weird town names with the names of the states supplied in parentheses.

For example, if you are feeling particularly Carefree (AZ) today, follow the yellow brick road to Magic City (ID) where anything can happen. Or, if you wish to spend time in Happyland (CT) or Smileyberg (KS), you are sure to meet Lovely (KY) and Friendly (WV) people who ask you What Cheer (IA).

Top Silly Names for Girls

When choosing girl names for your little one, you must keep in mind that she is going to be known by this name to all whom she meets. Some parents have obviously missed the memo given the silly names they have chosen for their darling daughters.

These names have been compiled from real Social Security data so you can imagine the plight of those poor things who have been given these “Epic” names. Did these parents want their children to write an epic or be epic?

Anyhow, here’s a list of the top worst girl names people have chosen for their children.


Among other names that center around automobiles, naming your little one after a car just seems silly. While other parents have also chosen car names like Audi or Chevy, one wonders whether car companies are offering them a deal if they name their children after the company.

Top 3 Silly Names for Boys

Selecting a name for your little boy is the one of the most important first steps into parenting. Your child’s identity will depend on his name and decide whether people have a good first impression or simply turn about.

While reviewing the Social Security data, government employees often come across ridiculously silly names for boys that are best avoided if you care for your child. Sometimes, it is really hard to understand or to believe that someone would choose these boy names for their precious bundles of joy.

Here is a list of the worst boy names that anyone could choose for their child – and remember, these are real names recorded in the Social Security data.


Of course, we appreciate the fact that you’d aspire for your child to become the next big thing right alongside Shakespeare but please Poet is not a boy name, it is a profession. Imagine what would happen if your child couldn’t rhyme his ‘bees’ from his ‘knees’.

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