If You Love Mr. Wigglebutt: Top Weird Pet Names

People love their pets to bits but then they also think of oh-so-cute names for them. Sometimes, these names are genuinely cute and sometimes these weird pet names just make you feel bad for the pet. Poor Bawldy!

The following names are very much real funny names for pets which have been chosen from the database of a pet insurance company. Makes you wonder why people want to use strange pet names when their pet is definitely a family member. No one would want their parents to name them Snuggle Butt Lee now, would they?

Katy Purry

This is one of the weird cat names that borders on being clever. We get it, it’s a play on a famous singer’s name but then we really wonder whether the singer will be just as pleased. But all’s well if you have a purry cat with a famous name.

5 Odd Names of Baby Animals

While you are surely familiar with baby animal names like kid, pup and calf, here’s a list of some strange baby animal names you may find new.


While the young one of pig is called a piglet, there is a specific name for a baby pig that has just been weaned off its mother’s milk and put onto solid food. The word for this young pig is shoat. While the origins of the word are uncertain, it may have stemmed from the Flemish schotereferring which refers to a pig that’s less than a year old.

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