Best Character Names in Movie History

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Here is a listing of some of the best character names in movie history that have helped give the character a unique flavor and added depth to it.

John Matrix

(Played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando, 1985)

Another ‘John’ to join the proud line of action heroes (‘John Rambo’, ‘John McClane’, ‘John Truckasaurus’). Though clearly inspired by Stallone’s character in Rambo, Arnie’s character is much more forceful that has done way better than the character that was inspired by the one from First Blood.

C.C. Baxter

(Played by Jack Lemmon in The Apartment, 1960)

If there’s a word for this Jack Lemmon character, it can only be ‘perfect’. In fact, it is so perfect that if Lemmon had the ability to find the right parking spot every time and it had a name, it would be C.C. Baxter. Of course, while we wouldn’t recommend trying to strain the spaghetti through a tennis racket C.C. Baxter is the perfect foil to other great characters in The Apartment including ‘Fran Kubelik’ (Shirley Maclaine) and ‘Jeff D. Sheldrake’ (Fred MacMurray).

Eve Harrington

(Played by Anne Baxter in All About Eve, 1950)

Movie characters that are this determined with a tendency for social climbing couldn’t have a better name than this. The posh-sounding name builds the personality sketch for this character in this Oscar-bagging classic. ‘Harrington’ subtly hints at the corruption that is at the core of the glamour that surrounds the name.

Snake Plissken

(Played by Kurt Russell in Escape From New York, 1981)

The mere mention of this name conjures up the mental image of a dangerous serpent. The iconic character’s name was further helped by the ‘iss’ in the last name that brings up the hissing sound that says “I could kill you without giving it a second thought”. This dangerous dude was aptly named for sure.

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