Baby Names Inspired by Shakespeare

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If you love going to the theater or you can recite a Shakespearean sonnet by heart, consider baby names that are inspired by Shakespearean characters. There are a host of characters in 35 of his plays to give you ample choice between Shakespeare baby names for girls and boys.

In fact, baby girl names and baby boy names inspired by the great playwright are also likely to be unique historical names that are scarcely used. If you are a history buff, Shakespeare names can be a great place to start. Nevertheless, a name inspired from his famous plays are sure to bring back happy memories of a thrilling theatre experience.

Shakespearean names for twins

While there are ample choice for both girls’ and boys’ names from Shakespeare’s plays, if you have twins of different genders you could very well name them after a couple. Think Romeo and Juliet, Titania and Oberon or Beatrice and Benedick. Sure, people could confuse them for a couple, but these are definitely bond-pair names that have value.

Shakespearean names for boys

Among the top Shakespeare boy names are Alexas (Antony and Cleopatra), Benvolio (Romeo and Juliet), Cassius (Julius Caesar), Lucius (Julius Caesar) and Marcellus (Hamlet) to name a few. You can look up Shakespearean baby boy names online and read the play if you haven’t already to finalize your choice.

Shakespearean names for girls

Similarly, Shakespearean plays are filled with powerful female characters for you to choose a good Shakespearean names for your little daughter. Shakespeare girl names include Adriana (The Comedy of Errors), Dion (The Winter’s Tale), Imogen (Cymbeline), Miranda (The Tempest) and Regan (King Lear).

These are just some suggestions but you can find a plethora of novel baby names online based on the works of William Shakespeare. Choose a name that your child will be proud to associate himself/herself with when they grow up and learn the reason for being given their name.

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