5 U.S. Cities That Renamed Themselves Something Unusual

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We don’t know if this is what gives the town mayor the jollies or that cities just get bored of a sane-sounding name but many a time cities and towns do rename themselves to something strange. Here is a list of some cities who underwent a renaming to transform into a quirky avatar just to get more attention.

  1. Truth or Consequences

Located in New Mexico, this quaint little town was once known as Hot Springs, New Mexico. The reason the town legally went through a renaming because the classic game show Truth or Consequences claimed it would choose its broadcasting location based on the first town that names itself after the show.

  1. Google

Among towns with strange names is Google in Kansas. Formerly known as Topeka, the town was enticed by the

search engine giant’s offer to build a Google Fiber high speed Internet infrastructure in a town that adopted the company’s name. And so, for the period of one month Topeka became Google and the geography textbooks were not changed.

  1. Half.com

The early 2000s were the days of the dot com boom. This brings us to quirky city names like Half.com which is located in Oregon. The city Halfway, Oregon revamped itself into a dot com for the length of a year.

  1. DISH

Among the many things that people do for the sake of free satellite service is renaming their city. This city in Texas changed its name from Clark, Texas to DISH, Texas in a bid to get DISH, Texas. In 2005, Clark, Texas changed its name to DISH, Texas in exchange for free DISH Network Satellite service for its residents for the next 10 years.

  1. Pepper

This one’s a keeper for all geography enthusiasts out there who are looking for renamed cities with oddball names. Because for one day every year Dublin, Texas changes its name to Dr. Pepper, Texas to tip its hat to the state’s oldest soda bottling plant. The town also boasts the official Dr. Pepper Museum.

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