How to Choose a Name for Your Baby

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Choosing a baby name can be overwhelming for new parents but it is also the most fun. You are sure to receive lots of different options from your parents, relatives and friends. While there are no rules to naming your baby, here are a few tips to ensure that you choose a name that you and your baby will love.


Say the name out loud a couple of times. Call out to your child using the name. Get a feel of what the name sounds like. Is the name pleasant to the ears? Does it complement your last name? What are the nicknames that go with this name?

Different people feel differently about letter combinations too. For example, some parents might feel that a name that ends in a vowel does not go well with a last name that begins with a vowel because they can run together. Alana Ableman.

Alliterations and puns are also what keep many parents guessing. Emma Evans might be the perfect girl name for some while Bud Weiser would not be the boy name of choice for many.


Of course your precious little one is unique and deserves an equally unique name. While some celebrities have given their children downright outrageous names, consider naming your child after a historical character or a patriot.

If you don’t want to outright honor a war hero or famous character from history, another source for historical names can be your local graveyard or historical-cemetery website. Think Amadeus, Nero or Stephanus.

How well it ages

Research shows that names are the center of our self-identity but can also influence the careers we choose or the lifestyle we lead. Classic names that have adorable nicknames are a wise choice over cutesy names like Bingo, Happy, Lucky which will not be seen as professional in the long run.

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