Top 3 Silly Names for Boys

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Selecting a name for your little boy is the one of the most important first steps into parenting. Your child’s identity will depend on his name and decide whether people have a good first impression or simply turn about.

While reviewing the Social Security data, government employees often come across ridiculously silly names for boys that are best avoided if you care for your child. Sometimes, it is really hard to understand or to believe that someone would choose these boy names for their precious bundles of joy.

Here is a list of the worst boy names that anyone could choose for their child – and remember, these are real names recorded in the Social Security data.


Of course, we appreciate the fact that you’d aspire for your child to become the next big thing right alongside Shakespeare but please Poet is not a boy name, it is a profession. Imagine what would happen if your child couldn’t rhyme his ‘bees’ from his ‘knees’.


Again one of the silly names that defies explanation. Unless you wish to honor your roots, in which case a great Gaelic name would be just fine. A place name is just going to make geography as a school subject all the more difficult for him. Imagine the confusion it would cause at an airport when the announcer calls ‘Now boarding Scotland at Gate B3.


Among silly names for boys, this one would have to be aimed at those who live by the Book. That’s great that you are devout and centered in your spiritual beliefs but prophets did have names. Choose one for your child instead of them living with the stigma of being akin to equally silly religious names like Savior or Gospel. Makes one want to pray for the child, isn’t it?

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