These Weird Colors Are in Your HTML Palette

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While it might be deceptively simple but people have been known to create beautiful Web pages and layouts using HTML. If you are bored of using standard colours in HTML, you will be surprise to know that there are some strange color names which you probably haven’t used for your pages yet.

Here is a list of some strange colour names in HTML and their respective hex codes so you can use them to search the colors for your Web palette.

If you are a foodie then look for colors like Banana Cream (#fde4b6) or Clam Chowder (#f2d5a9). Fancy a twirl of Lemon Zest (#fdd017) with your Pina Colada (#faf1d2)? While a tall glass of Pineapple Fizz (#f9efd4) is sure to relax you, munching on a crunchy, buttery Popcorn Ball (#fceacd) is a tasty snack you won’t refuse.

For people who love the seaside, think of Platinum (#e5e4e2) sands against Crystal Blue (#5cb3ff) waters. You can also choose to wade in the waters of the Caribbean with Blue Hosta (#77bfc7) or Jellyfish (#46c7c7). Enjoy the colors of the sunset with Sedona (#cc6600), Sunrise Orange (#e67451) and Ruby Red (#f62217).

If you like the look of crisp, white Linen (#faf0e6), you could think of how elegant that would look against Cornflower Blue (#6495ed) or Aquamarine (#7fffd4). You could curl up with a good book while sipping a glass of Red Wine (#990012) or Sangria (#7e3817). For those who crave comfort foods, try Pink Cupcake (#E45E9D).

Even whites are not boring anymore but the strange colour names in HTML are chosen from real shades around us to better depict white. Try Pearl (#fdeef4), Seashell (#fff5ee), Milk White (#fefcff), Floral White (#fffaf0), Ghost White (#f8f8ff) or Azure (#f0ffff).

The colours of spring are reflected in Shamrock Green (#347C17), Kelly Green (#4CC552) and Flamingo Pink (#F9A7B0).

Try these unique colors to make your CSS codes more colorful and enjoyable.

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