Mapping Britain’s Rude Place Names

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Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick’s Marvellous Map of Great British Place Names is a must-buy if you want your travel itinerary to include a few cheeky places on your trip to Britain.

This Marvellous Map is a guide to places like Bastard’s Lane, Skinner’s Bottom and Ding Dong. Yes, these are very much real places in Great Britain. A closer look at the map will show you a whole bunch of funny place names that include Little Butts and Devil’s Frying Pan.

Britain has long been known for having wild and weird place names and the STG Map does a really good job of compiling these places on one map that will make the Marauder’s Map from the Harry Potter series seem like child’s play.

In fact, some of these place names are so offensive that they leave little tot the imagination. Imagine visiting a place that’s called Naked Man (Hampshire) or Hunting Butts (Gloucestershire). If you fancy your Sunday pasta meals, head to Macaroni Woods which lie south of the three Mile Bottom. If they don’t transport you to Happy Land, you could definitely hike it up to The Twittocks.

Wehile these places might certainly sound tempting, you may want to steer clear of places with weird place names (read rubbishy) like Leicestershire’s Stinking Wood, Lancashire’s Trashy Hill, or Yorkshire’s gloomy-sounding Old Waste. Obviously, no love lost for the town of Shitlington Crags in Northumberland and Scotland’s portentous Shank of Inchgrundle just seems like an alley one wouldn’t want to be within an inch of.

Kent’s Bishop’s Ooze might be a hideous weasel word for something surely icky. There are a whole bunch of place names in West Wales that suggest the namer’s obsession with pant(y)s. Pant-y-Phillip, Pant-y-pistyll, Pantycoch and Pant-sod are just some of the least suggestive of the lot. If nothing else, at least there should be some consideration for the residents of these places.

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