5 Odd Names of Baby Animals

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While you are surely familiar with baby animal names like kid, pup and calf, here’s a list of some strange baby animal names you may find new.


While the young one of pig is called a piglet, there is a specific name for a baby pig that has just been weaned off its mother’s milk and put onto solid food. The word for this young pig is shoat. While the origins of the word are uncertain, it may have stemmed from the Flemish schotereferring which refers to a pig that’s less than a year old.


Tiny little skunks can be adorable and they are called kits. A kit’s skin will have the pattern of its fur that it will have when it’s fully grown up. But yes, be warned that baby skunks can spray from birth though their chemical defense mechanism needs to mature fully with time.


While spat is the past tense for spit and the word refers to a petty quarrel or argument, it is surprisingly also the name for baby oysters. In fact, spat is used to refer to the spawn of any shellfish, the collective noun for oysters as well as to a single baby oyster. A spat takes about two months to become big enough to be visible to the naked eye.


While the word definitely conjures up images of beautiful Greek or Roman demigoddesses of the ancient times, you would be amazed to see it listed among strange baby animal names. The young one of an insect that is transformed by partial metamorphosis is called a nymph. For example, grasshoppers, termites, ticks and cockroaches are produced from nymphs as opposed to those who undergo complete metamorphosis like moths and butterflies.


The name for a baby swan is cygnet. It comes from the Latin word for a swan: Cygnus, followed by the diminutive suffix –et.

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