4 Worst Names for Bands

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A band is a musician’s collective that needs a catchy name in order to gain popularity and stand out from the others in the artist community. Some of the bands have chosen funny band names that the artists deserve a mention for the plain reason of choosing such a weird moniker for themselves.
Here’s a list of the worst band names that we have come across that you surely would think twice before buying T-shirts with their label.

Adolf Satan

A name that’s double the trouble. The combination of a notorious mass murdering dictator and the Antichrist himself is sure to get some eyeballs. Formed in 2002, this heavy metal band self-released a 3-track EP called ‘Ooga Booga Cab Company’.

Cattle Decapitation

Well, we can certainly say that the band is not looking for a fan following among vegetarians or vegans. In fact, it’s difficult to say which way the non-vegetarians will swing given the mental image of beheading bulls. Their first EP ‘Ten Torments Of The Damned’ evolved to their debut album named ‘Human Jerky’. In 2014, the band completed 10 years of existence and celebrated with a 5LP box set called ‘Decade Of Decapitation’.

Diarrhea Planet

This band from Cleveland claims to be “pop played through the filter of heavy metal”. While the name might make you rethink their sound but they are clearly way above a crappy (pun unintended) fan following with 10,000 downloads to their ‘Aloha! EP’. Infinity Cat Recordings, who released their album ‘Loose Jewels’ in 2009 seems to think that a shitty (couldn’t resist it) name really doesn’t matter.

Dogshit Sandwich

While Charlie Harper might have packed dog poop for his little brother Alan’s lunch in Two and a Half Men, a band called Dogshit Sandwich might be more than a childish joke. This renowned street punk band hails from Birmingham, UK was headed by Rich. The man was the founder of the band and owned the band’s own label Punk Shit Records. Their debut album ‘Murdering Bastards’ was very famous on the punk scene and the band toured the UK extensively.

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